Anti-Dollar - Old game again?

May be the old game called "Anti-Dollar" begun again.

Here are some charts:


I did not watched EUR/USD for months. Looks like there are bullish channel here. Channel begun @ 10.SEP.2010

At the time of writting EUR hits 1.38 USD.

Silver 8h

Similar to EUR, silver buck also rising. One may think that silver will be very volatile, but strange enought on the chart - it is not. Channel begun @ 24.AUG.2010. This is presiding the date when EUR rise begun.

Gold 16h

Gold rise begun @ 28.JUL.2010. Rise is so strong, so today the channel was broken from upside - 1,332 USD intraday high.

The post is kind of open ended, but I will continue to write on the topic.

Gold 16h

same chart with notes when Silver and EUR rali begun.

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