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Merry Christmas!
Весела Коледа!
Feliz Navidad!
Bonne Noel! 


Gold 8h

I expected the gold to rise to middle blue line, it currently found support at the brown line, but it may still fall to the bottom blue support.

On the upside, there is a triangle that may be broken soon. If broken price may go crazy to ~1480 or even bit more.



Jim Rogers on UK

Test Driving a Renault Fluence Gen2 electric car in Paris!


Gold - buying on a dip

Hopefully now gold will once again rise :-)

Gold charts

Gold 1 day
There is no real change here, price target is very high - @ 1,470's.

Gold 4h
On 4h chart we see how the short term blue channel is broken (it is parallel to the blue channel in the daily chart), and currently the brown channel is in play. Target there is in low 1,430's. After that we will see "small" correction to 1,400's (currently is ~1,404). The "upper" blue line may act as support too, but at the time of the correction I believe it will be "lower" that the brown line (current projection is ~1,405).


Gold chart and so called H&S

First about so called H&S - Gold raised to 1396.60. This invalidate the H&S formation, because left peak was only to low 1380 area.

Currently the blue channel is in play. There are additional smaller channel in brown.

However, I am certain than those channels will be broken and price will go higher than the channel top, but there are no technical evidences for this scenario.


Gold chart

16 hours gold chart. Gold rising probably because Korea.
Note some analysts thinks there is H&S forming and we are at second shoulder. We will know that very soon. Hopefully price will rise more that 1,386 USD which will invalide the formation.

Meanwhile EURo was smashed to 1.33 USD - probably because Island.

Update: Interesting action in silver - go slightly down. This means Gold went up because of Korea.

Off-topic: MariaDB - drop in replacement of MySQL - presentation posted

MariaDB presentation is uploaded here:



Gold chart

Gold may have some more downtime, but looks like it already bounced from the support - blue line.
Note the resistance on top - pink line - it is not parallel to the support.

Off-topic: MariaDB - drop in replacement of MySQL

MariaDB - drop in replacement of MySQL
I will speak at OpenFest conferention on 20.Nov.2010 15:00 , Sofia, Interpred, zala Plovdiv.
Map and additional info here:



Reprinted: Nixon closes the gold window

We posted this almost one year ago:

Historical moment: Nixon closes the gold window,
and with other words declares bankcrupsy of USA. On top he impose 10% tax on foreign imported goods.


1400 Gold

Gold just hits $ 1,400.00 mark.
Dow is 11,403.85
Dow/Gold ratio - 8.14 (March was 6.90)

1h EUR Chart

Lots of trend lines, pink lines are interesting, but we need to wait and see.



EUR looks like topped already and if brown/pink support fail will go to the formal resistance @ ~1.39.90 (blue).

Silver 12h
Interesting chart in silver. We have perfect channel on 12h chart. Price will top here and will go to support @ 24 area. 

Gold 12h

Gold 4h
Gold is currently at the support in 1,384/6 area. We could see top here (and because of silver chart I think we will see the top). Then support will be @ 1,365 area (brown) and 1,338 area (blue).


Updated charts

Thank you Bernanke,

Gold 8h
hopefully, we now, will see triangle test - 1365 area.

...and now - the big picture - Gold 1 week
target is 1480. But we could see correction before this.


Silver 8h:
Probably now silver will correct.

Jesse's Café Américain: Sprott Adds 6.5 Million Ounces of Silver to Its Tr...

Jesse's Café Américain: Sprott Adds 6.5 Million Ounces of Silver to Its Tr...: "It is my understanding that Sprott 'books' the silver when it makes the deal to acquire it, but the actual silver will not be obtained and..."

EUR and Gold charts

Those charts are from ~4-5h ago:

Here we can see that the triangle is broken, and new channel (in pink) is formed.

Gold 12h
Triangle is not broken here, but meanwhile prices hits 1,380, so triangle is very well broken. Now the channel in blue is in tact. Actully, the blue channel was broken too, but just a little bit. We need to wait and see. will post updates very soon. 

Gold 4h
Same as 12h chart, but more clear

Bernanke is Mugabe (readings)

Gold Daily Chart

What the Fed did and why: supporting the recovery and sustaining price stability
By Ben S. Bernanke
Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Real QE Numbers
By: Jim Sinclair
The real number is not $600 billion in QE but $900 billion when you add present in place programs.

Jim Sinclair - Gold Bottomed, Dollar Index Headed to 56

Comments on FOMC statement
by CalculatedRisk

Silver ticks above $25 on QEII but should sell off to $20
by Peter Cooper

Axel Merk on Tech Ticker
Bernanke Christens QE2: Fed "On a Very Dangerous Path," Axel Merk Says
Part 1:
Part 2:
video from yesterday

We’re Saved – The Banks Find Buyer for Garbage MBS Paper!


Lithium Drive: Chevrolet Volt 2011 GM



Very important development in EUR/USD. The resistance was broken as if it was not there. This means that the channel in brown is not that important as we thought. Expectations could be now - price to fall to bottom of the pink channel, and go once again up.

One reminder here - FED / FOMS meeting is tomorrow and we may expect lots of volatility.


Gold 12h
There is no new developments here

EUR unable to fall to 1.3820/30 area. Looks like the small blue channel is acting at the moment.



Gold 12h
Gold bounced from the "double" resistance lines. Hopefully it will decline some more, to the support where we would buy it again.


No chart for silver, but silver hit new high (from 24.89 to 25.03)

EUR/USD bounced from resistance. We will see if this is a triangle or not.


Some more - CHF, AUD, WTI

This study is not that precise, nor I will use it for trading.


...and CHF 12h flipped :-)
because CHF is inverse chart, we flipped it.
looks like CHF made a top and now correction is under way.

Unlike CHF, AUD is not topped, but now it is in formation like a rectangle. However, inside the rectangle, it made lower lows (pink line).

Other currencies

CAD and GBP going nowhere and charts are not interesting for us.

Oil (WTI) - 1 day
Crude is not dynamic at all. There is formation that first may look like rectangle, but second look shows that most of the highs are higher highs - see yellow dots. Only exceptions are the two green dost. So formation is more like upper channel.

Gold, Silver, EURo

Gold 1 week
Situation here is unchanged, but chart worth to be watch.

Gold 12h
Price raised to the upper boundary of the channel in brown. Now probably price will fell once again to ~1330 or so.

Gold 4h
Same, but I added possible downtrend channel - in pink.

Silver 8h
Looks like in silver, situation is more dynamic. We can see same channel as in gold, but channel is broken at the top.

EUR lagging, it is not at the top of the channel, even more - the downtrend is very well seen (brown). We also could see the uptrend channel inside the downtrend channel (pink). This could be very well a triangle.

Once again we need to monitor all the charts.


Gold and EUR charts

EUR 4h
No change n developments...

Gold 4h
H&S is invalidated, but short-term development is still bullish.


Fern fractal


EUR is in down channel (blue).
At the moment it looks like a correction, but we expect the price to fall to the bottom before go up.


Silver chart is similar to gold chart so it is not included.

Gold 12h
Unlike EURo, Gold and Silver are still over the support (blue line) from recent raly. The triangle (brown) is broken, but price do not made new high, so probably the triangle or support will be tested again.

Gold 2h
On the 2h chart, we can see H&S bottom may be forming. Second sholder is at the same level as first one, so if the price fell little bit more, the H&S pattern will be invalidated.

Please note that H&S PATERN IS *NOT* FORMED UNTIL IS FORMED and require price to raise over the neckline level at ~1,350.



Previous top was broken for a while, but now once again is under it. Price remains in pink channel, and probably will fall.
Silver 4h
Broken triangle.


Gold 12h

Broken triangle.
Gold 4h
Broken down channel (part of the triangle).
Just upper is the formal support line (pink).

Gold 1h
Broken down channel (part of the triangle)