Dow : Gold ratio

Dow / Gold ratio hopefully went to 6.11
This is still lower than March (6.90), but is higher than 2 days ago (5.89).


Gold 4h chart

Gold confirmed the silver move. Chart is bit different, but probably gold is due to correction as well.

Silver 8h

8h silver chart just after market open. Move is NOT confirmed in gold (yet) and a correction is due.


Some calculations inspired by previous post.

If dow is unchanged, gold need to go to 2,176 USD, in order the ratio to go under 5.
If gold is unchanged, dow need to go to 9,250, in order the ratio to go under 5.
If gold go to 1900 and dow go to 10,000 the ratio will be 5.26, e.g. still is over 5.

Dow : Gold ratio

Gold is $ 1,848.00

Dow is 10,881.90

Dow/Gold ratio - 5.89 (March was 6.90)

This is really very low and if it fell some more, will go under 5,
then we will need to reconsider the whole investing thing.

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Reprinted: Nixon closes the gold window

Today the fiat money experiment is officially 40 years old.

We posted this almost one year ago:

Historical moment: Nixon closes the gold window,
and with other words declares bankcrupsy of USA. On top he impose 10% tax on foreign imported goods.


Gold (almost) hit $1,800

These days I really not understand what is going on.

Yesterday I told to a friend that when I see gold price, I need 10 sec to realize if gold go up or down, sometimes I need to check the chart.

Well gold almost hit 1,800 USD.
Dow is 10,719.94.

This makes Dow/Gold ratio = 5.95.

This is new low, since March was 6.90.

However, I believe the calculation is bit wrong, because NYSE stock market is closed now,
and gold hit 1,800 after market hours.


Redis hosting

I just finish my current project:

But what is Redis?

Redis is awesome NoSQL database.

From one side, it is simple key-value store, but it support not only text strings, but different data types - lists, sets, sorted sets, hashes and many more.

Because is in memory Redis operations are blazing fast and atomic.

Redis can do 110,000 SET operations per second or 81,000 GET operations per second.

Redis is persistent and can be used as data store engine - data is not lost if server is stopped or crashed

Using Redis you can speed up your web application or website by thousand times.

Redis supports many programming languages.

If you are programming take a look at some programming user cases.


Silver 4h

Rise in silver is overdue. Probably we will see correction very soon.

Gold 1 day chart

Interesting development, we may get spike similar to what we had in April, then correction to $1,530-50-70 area.