Two charts on EUR / USD:

1. Short term support and resistance.

2. Short term estumation how much more EUR/USD can go down.

About EUR/USD post from 2007-01-25, down channel is broken.

We will see what will hapen in Monday...


As David asked, and I promised, I prepared and publishing now, same Alexa + Stockcharts charts combined, but for one year...

Here you may see the sentiment and interest in gold. As David already said, interest goind down.


Even I am bullish on EURo, and even the channel point up, I have strange feeling about EUR/USD chart. Who knows, may be I expect things to develop fast and tomorrow to have EUR/USD 1.35 ...
What is important right now, is to look if channel is broken in down trend direction.
With compliments to Gary from http://biiwii.blogspot.com/ :)
The following strange looking chart, compare visits on Kitco.com website (from Alexa) and Gold price (from Stockcharts). We believe, that investors who are interested to Gold, often go to Kitco's website for quote, news, or trade.
I see strong co-relation between picks and lows on visits chart and on gold price. However, Kitco visits go down, so the interest in Gold dropping, and in same time, the Gold price remain relatively "steady".
Interesting thing, is similar to Gold price break above short term resistance line, the Kitco's visitors also breaking its several months channel.

Gold broke on the top resistance line in the simetric triangle...



EUR/USD raise above short term resistance line. Next target around 1.30

However, Deutsche Bank warn about 1.26 !?!??!
And my favorites, from DeltaStock think - 1.29, before 1.33.