Leap second 2015

Leap second 2015, Linux kernel knows about it...

[1233532.051029] Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC


Apple Chart

Sell in May and go away? :)

Current target is 145 USD - channel with blue lines,
with small chance of bit more - channel with pink lines.

This is *NOT* trading advice.
Currently long on AAPL.


EUR/USD Charts

EUR/USD montly:
we are at the bottom of the channel (blue). Pink line shows previous low.

massive wedge is forming on 3 days chart.

I have no EUR/USD position of any kind.


Russian ruble vs Gold

This is the chart of Russian ruble vs Gold.

Actually the ruble fall against everything.

Chart of RUB / USD is very similar.

For 4-5 mo, ruble lost 1/2 of its purchasing power - lets hope Mr.Putin do not make some stupid thing with Russian oil and gas.

Gold Price Per Ounce 6 Months History


is Bitcoin in bubble phase? Probably not yet.

Recenly lots of people asked me about Bitcoin. They were amazed that it rise so quickly from $100-200 area to $1,000+ area.

Some people like Peter Schiff called the bitcoin bubble already.

If we look at bitcoin chart, it sure looks like bubble:

However, as 99% of bitcoin charts on the net, this chart is not logaritmic.

Logaritmic chart of bitcoin looks like this:

I am not bitcoin supporter, but this chart does not look like in bubble phase.
There is good possibility to see drop to the support @ $100-200 area again, but still this is something normal for charts like this.

Disclamer - I do not trade, nor mine bitcoins or any similar currency.