DOW near all time high...

but, who strain most, shit o.s. :), if you know what I mean...


Excellent interview:

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview.


quite conspirators theory, but is good :)


Swiss Franc

Have you seen USD/CHF chart recently - I saw it 5 min ago, and it looks very interesting - there are a significant channel up.

No such thing in EUR/USD, nor in USD/GBP.

The reason is that CHF crashing according to EUR!!!!!!!!


I recently posted following in a forum:

it sounds like gambling, but Monday dollar will be down. I think.
Here what I got as a responce, I believe he is right:

I'll just make a quick comment on what you said above based on my own personal experience. It is when "I think" that I get myself into trouble. What I mean, is if have a preconceived thought on which way the market or a stock is headed, then I am inviting emotions to play havoc with my trade. IMO, it is best not to have a preconceived notion about something as the market is never wrong, only you are.
Emotions set in and most of us don't have control of our emotions the way the professionals do and that is why most traders lose money.

^HUI broke upper boundary, but then return back, currently it is on the down boundary. HUI should NOT broke it, because else a big mess will happen :(

Currently we have relatively very strong dollar, and may be this is the reason of this decline. We believe the dollar will fall in 2-3 days and ^HUI will broke much over upper boundary line. Of cource, what we believe will happen and what will happen, are totaly different things. More for this on next post.


Full Moon... and HUI

we have full moon tonight - 7.sep.2006...
people going crazy, markets going crazy :)
Dollar up, everything down...

However, what we see in HUI is may be, a goodbye kiss.
This is when the stock/index return to it's previous boundary, and then go uo from there.

so we shall see tomorrow.


I am wondering what is going on with the EUR/USD?

As we can see yellow lines, there are a up channel. However, we see TWICE that support becaming resistance. If so, shall we still think that EUR is bullish?
But because this is what we think and work with, we think that the better picture is that there are sideways and a rectangle - orange lines. This rectangle should be broken on the upper boundary very soon. We shall see...


EUR/USD : Traders are idiots :)

As we can see from EUR/USD chart, we have rising EUR every morning, and faling EUR every afternoon :) Looks like traders are real idiots.

One possible explanations I read is that EUR/USD market is not that big as stock exchange, and when some funds exchange (or buy/sell) currency, it really change the price with about 1 cent.

We are bullish on EUR.

There were recently forming H&S top in Dollar / Yenn.
However I can not see it now, so seems it broken.
Anyway I do not know anything about Japan economy, so I skip playing it.
I can speculate now if we see wedge or continiosly trying to hit resistance level.

The chart looking similar to HUI, but I will check it later.

Everybody publishing this, so let me publish same chart too ;)

HUI *MUST* break the ~350 level, in order to go higher.

The gold have simetric triangle (and I think it will break the top), but if HUI broke, gold will follow.