Today I spoke with a frinend for our investments and economy. Here you are some charts:

Petrobras support is not broken yet:

Case Shiller index (in this case in Seatle),
show declining housing prices. Where price will go? Back in the channel - 140-150.
Sad for the bank, but this is what chart show.
However I still think the hyperinflation will took over and house prices measured in US dollars will bottom before 150.

Unfortunately Oil broke the support, but 50 day MA is still OK (for now)
However once again decline calculation:
Decline in Jul 2006 - from 80 to 51 = 36%
Decline in Jul 2008 - from 148 to 106 = 28% (so far)
My friend suggest because both declines began in July, they probably will end at same time - January 2009. I have no idea, but we have huricanes, wars, OPEC, US elections... I believe bottom will be before end of the year at current levels.

Oil and Gold measured in EUR:
These charts show Oil and Gold measured in EURo. There are wide spread rummor that Oil, Gold etc are almost flat in EURos. Here are the charts. Thin line is the commodity in USD.

until August, Oil tracked same movement in both EUR and USD. In August Oil is flat in EUR, but falling in USD.

until 10-12 days ago Gold tracked almost same movement in both EUR and USD. Currently movements are separated, but separation is not that big - see April - May.

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