Ok what we have... $ 1,800,000,000,000.00 ... for now

We have 1.8 Trillion Bailout ( same from Mish ).

Gold is over $900, Oil hits $130 and now is ~120.
HUI ~ 9% up. EUR/USD ~ 1.48...
Stocks in Dow thumble almost 400 points - 3+ %.
The finance overweight SPX is already 4% down.

Short selling on 799 financial stocks are disabled, Naked shorts are finally disabled (hmmm), Gold margin requirements is already increased too - however I think this have somewhat good effect too.

John Williams is right - massive inflation was just created. There are 1,800,000,000,000.00 reasons why all this happens. Only thing I don't understand is whay stocks are down, I still believe they must be propelled up as well. May be we will have stocks flying tomorrow again.


Here I did some technical analysis on EUR/USD pair - weekly chart -

The old wedge was broken in "incorrect" way on the up side. The resistance was turnes suppor, then broken. Today we have same line broken - Hello :-)

Note it very depends how the line is projected. Better wait a little bit more until 1.52 before do anything :-)

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