What's up with gold - one week later...

Week ago I wrote What's up with gold .
now is time to post an update.

Gold weekly - horizontal support/resistanceHere we have fibo levels and price do not YET broke previous high - 988 USD.
One note here - I always said previous high is ~960, because I never needed correct value, but this chart gives extreme maximum 988 USD.

So target now is 988 USD, then ~1,040 USD (will see correct value when time comes).

Gold weekly
Here we have not much change from previous report - What's up with gold .
However @ 988 we have the brown channel top. So as of previous chart $988 is good target.

Gold dailyHere we have confirnmation that the pink channel is not correct.

Brown lines show correct channel. Note there are 2 upper lines. I believe the thick line is correct one. However there is possibility thin line to be the one that is correct.

Targets here are 970 USD from the thin line and ~988 USD from thick line.

Alexa - Gold Mania Barometer
This is how much traffic website Kitco gets. I calculated it several days ago. We are at the red dot - 0.075 - traffic raise over May.2008 high, but is not something extraordinary.

Note this is traffic, so May.2008 high is not support or something :)

If you do not know what this is, please visit following link:

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