Trade a news spike

How to speculative trade a spike:

[1] The news comes out.
EUR/USD = 1.43.05

[2] The price spikes. Whoever is long take profit.
EUR/USD = 1.43.20

[3] The price fall to pre-news price. This is where you must enter.
EUR/USD = 1.43.10

[4] The price spikes again, usually make new high.
EUR/USD = 1.43.44

[5] The price fall and stabilize itself. This is where you sell.
EUR/USD = 1.43.30

This is not a trading advice :-)

In fact this is highly speculative,
and you need to do it only if is in same direction with general trend

p.s. For those who are new in forex,
I forgot to mention that this is not what just happen today,
but spikes almost always (95%+) have these five phases.

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