EUR/USD charts

EUR/USD 3 days:Defenetly, now the long time wedge (brown line), is transforming to a parallel upper channel - blue lines. Now we may finally see way down. We may see down to old wedge resistance @ 1.40.10 - 20, or we may see down to general support @ 1.35 - Too much? We will see.

Note, there is one more parallel line - not shown, but is from MAY-2006 top. In this case, EUR will raise some more - @ ~ 1.46. Too much? Again - we will see.

EUR/USD 4h:Defenetly not a parallel channel. But looks like is not a wedge as I wrote before ("another wedge"). We wil see. Unclear.
EUR/USD 1h:Extremly messy, but probably will fall at least to support @ 1.41.80 - 90

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