Gold 1 week

Hello :)

I did not publish for a while (long while), but I think I will pay more attention to the trading from now one.

Let see whats going on with Gold. Since I did not observed it for a while, I am not sure how accurate is the chart I am attaching.

Lets begin:

There is long time support in pink. However it is so long, that I can not see where it "begins" on the montly chart. According this support, Gold is "due" for a rice.

Then we have a broken trinange - pink and blue line. The triangle is broken on the "correct" side, but nothing interesting going on there.

Parallel to the upper boundary of the triangle, there is a resistance. Currently it is @ 1700 level.

Last, but not least, there is a channel formed from brown lines between ~1520 and 1700 level. Support there were tested twice.

This is the situating for the moment.

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