Gold charts

Gold weekly:

On the weekly chart we see a huge triangle (upper is brown), that was broken and price rising within a channel.. If we assme that the price will rice to upper boundary of the channel, this gives target of 1350's area.
Note the marks (1) and (2). Until week ago, the second top was lower than the first one, and the fugure looked like double top forming. In last 2-3 days the secnd mark hits higher price, so this no longer can be a double top.

Daily chart:

On the daily we have a triangle again, and a channel from the triangle. In fact similarity with the weekly chart is very big. Upper target is hit already, so we may see decline. Decline could be to the middle support line, or to lower boundary ~1160 area.

8 hours chart:

on 8h chart we can se same trend as on the daily, but bigger. Also the targets can be seen more clear.

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