Gold in retrospection and 4h chart

Gold 1day

Gold is at the verge of $1,200 level, even today for a while it was traded @ $1,200.
Here is retrospection from last 4-5 mo.
With blue is shown what I call massive triangle, and at point (1) the triangle was broken.
With brown, is shown the parallel rising channel, which at some point in the early November was broken on the upside.
With pink is shown current short term rising channel. Note the spike down at point (2). We may view at it as testing of the "brown" channel.

Gold 4h

Currently gold rising inside a channel shown in blue. The current objective is $1,220.
There are one more possible channel - the brown one. In its case, the target is $1,210 or so.
If the gold fall without hit $1,210, it may form double top. This will be short term and objective will be around $1,100.

Sold speculative the possition in $1,180-1,190 area, looking to buy @ 1,180 and lower...

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