Call to Minefinders - the mysterious "K" thing.

Just called Mike from MFN here you are the update:

1. Shares (see this news from 21.NOV.2008) will be new shares (... but is minimal compared to company size ... recession ... etc) - I personaly have no problem with it.

2. They will try to sell that much shares, but they do not expect to sell all shares they offer. - sorry for bad "economy" english.

3. They NOT going to accuire any company right now, altho Mike do head such rummor and "many people called" last 2-3 days.

4. Money will be spend for development of our projects especialy - Dolores.

5. Company is NOT yet cash flow possitive. They expect 2009/Q1 to be.

Mark will be interviewed this week and the interview will be available in Saturday @ Puplava

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