About Russia with Love (in Bulgarian)
(Article name changed - point taken :-) )

Gold & Silver – The August Lows Are Upon Us!

Cost-Cutting in New York, but a Boom in India

OPEC May Consider Supply Cut as Oil Stockpiles Rise, Iran Says
Oil prices are falling because of an oversupply of crude, and OPEC may consider cutting production at its September meeting to achieve a supply-demand balance while maintaining sufficient excess capacity, Iran's OPEC governor said.

Net Oil Exports - August 2008 Update

JPMorgan shares tumble on widening 3Q losses
JPMorgan shares fall after bank reports widening losses related to mortgage debt in 3rd qtr
NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co. tumbled Tuesday after the bank said it has heaped more losses in its mortgage investments so far in the third quarter than it did in the previous three-month period.
In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Monday, the bank said turbulence in the credit markets has caused it to lose about $1.5 billion, after hedges, in its mortgage-backed securities and loans to date in the July-to-September quarter.
That's more than the $1.1 billion in losses JPMorgan incurred in its investment bank's portfolio during the second quarter.
The news set off fresh concerns about the scope of the troubles in the credit markets and the overall health of the financial sector.

Dallas Fed's Fisher says current crunch worse than S&L crisis
from Interest Rate Roundup by Mike Larson
Finally someone spoke about S&L

Mars Bars revisited
By Nico Colchester
Back in December 16, 1983
Very interesting article for Mars Chocolate Bars in UK

Half a Trillion Dollars Later
from The Bonddad Blog by bonddad

Wednesday Commodities Round-Up
from The Bonddad Blog by bonddad


Longanlon said...

It's "ABOUT Russia with love" dude.

NMMM.NU said...

It is Bulgarian article. Believe me, is "FOR Russia..."

Anyway, is interesting article for Georgia and Bulgarian view on it, because half of Bulgarians love Russia, other half - don't.

Truth is we have many relations with Russia, both good and bad - Russia liberated us back in 1878, but same Russia ****** us back in 1944.

It is complicated ;)

Longanlon said...

Believe me, I wrote the bloody article and I know what I ment :)

NMMM.NU said...

много ме развесели :)
поста за Грузия е много як. Доста рядко пускам БГ неща тука, така че си един от "елита" :)