Bubble Bubble :)

A friend asked me about gold bubble.
Well, we are not there yet, see nasdaq bubble, in linear terms:

Here we see:
Nasdaq - blue line
Dow Jones - green line
S&P500 - red line.

As you may see, prices dropped after year 2000.

If you bought Dow or S&P500, back in year 2000, now you will be again on profit.
However if you bought Nasdaq, you still will be on 50% loss :-)

Unfortunately, I can not find gold chart 1990 - 2007, but there you will see that the raise is not that big. So we are not yet in the gold bubble :-)

I believe there will be gold bubble, but it will be when price go to 10,000.00 USD per OZ. Currently we are far away with the recent hit of 845 USD per OZ.

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